Progressive Boundary Setting™ Digital Digest – Erik Kondo

Download the Page PDF Digital Digest on Progressive Boundary Setting™.

1. Boundary Setting is a Tool for Reducing Violence
2. Why Common Methods of Teaching Respect Are Doomed to Fail
3. What is Boundary Setting?
4. The Progressive Boundary Setting™ Matrix
5. Progressive Boundary Setting™ Zones
6. The Concept of JUST-RIGHT
7. The Concept of TOO MUCH
8. The Concept of TOO LITTLE
9. Boundary Setting Fundamental: RESPECT
10. Just-Right Respect Creates More Just-Right Respect
11. Under-Respect Leads to Violations
12. Over-Respect Creates Under-Respect
13. Boundary Setting Fundamental: COMMUNICATION
14. Just-Right Communication Enables Just-Right Enforcement
15. Under-Communication Hinders Just-Right Enforcement
16. Over-Communication Creates Under-Respect from a Backlash
17. Boundary Setting Fundamental: ENFORCEMENT
18. Just-Right Enforcement Creates Just-Right Respect
19. Under-Enforcement Creates Under-Respect from Contempt
20. Over-Enforcement Creates Under-Respect from a Backlash
21. Progressive Boundary Setting™ Enables the Problem Solving of Interpersonal Conflict
Appendix A – Boundary Setting: Emotion Based vs. Strategic Based
Appendix B – The PBS Matrix Applied to School Dress Codes