Section A

The resources on this page refer to engaging in self-protection through the use of the following three primary ways:

  1. Change Others  – Modifying the attitudes and social norms of society in order to reduce predatory behavior.
  2. By-Proxy  – Using bystander intervention and policing agents provide the means of your personal safety and security.
  3. Mitigation  – Reducing negative consequences by dealing with the aftermath of an assault.

NOTE: The above three ways are related and overlap in many aspects. Therefore, many of the referrenced resouces will also  be related and overlap.

Change Others Resources:

The goal of Change Others is to eliminate predatory and other anti-social behavior through various types of public policy and education. Change Others is a form of social engineering where the norms of society have eliminated people’s intent or desire to engage in unwanted behavior.

The ultimate effectiveness of Change Others depends upon whether or not people are willing to change.


By-Proxy Resources:

All civilized societies engage in some form of By-Proxy. By-Proxy is typically executed by the policing and security agents of society. The general concept of By-Proxy is that your safety and security is the responsiblity of other people and carried out by other people.

Bystander Intervention is also a form of By-Proxy. In this case, other people come to your aid/rescue in order to insure your safety.


Mitigation Resources:

The concept of mitigation is to minimize the negative consequences of an unwanted event. Anything a person does to this effect is mitigation. Many times unwanted events will occur despite someone’s best efforts to prevent them from happening.

The following are resources designed to help someone after he or she has been sexually assaulted.