Section C

The articles on this page refer to engaging in self-protection through the use of the following seven primary ways:

  1. Change Others (Modifying the society so that there are no predators)
  2. By-Proxy (Using bystander intervention and policing agents provide your personal safety and security)
  3. Mitigation (Reducing damage by dealing with the aftermath of an assault)
  4. Avoidance (Engaging in strategies and tactics to not encounter, evade, or escape potential assailants and current assailants)
  5. Negotiation (Engaging in various verbal tactics and strategies including submission to dissuade an impending assault)
  6. Deterrence (Engaging in posturing, the threat of force, and other strategies and tactics to discourage a potential assault)
  7. By-Force (The limited use of force not intended to kill or seriously injure the assailant with or without the use of weapons.)