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Conflict Manager is a whole new concept in the Martial Arts and Self Defence world. Completely unaligned to any movement, organization or trend we offer a fresh perspective free from dogma. The main monthly contributors are the founder members of the Conflict Research Group International but we welcome articles from all open-minded people. The intention of the magazine is to provide stimulating and interesting articles on all aspects of conflict, macro and micro, without prejudice, to help us all in our search for answers and solutions. Our approach is entirely inclusive and we reject tribalism in favour of our pursuit of the truth.

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Why waste your time arguing with keyboard warriors on social media? If you do you are entering arguments yard and its a one way door with no exit. Once in there you can enter endless, pointless, futile discussions on the minutia of numerous irrelevant topics and in the words of King Lear, that way madness lies. Or you can encourage your friends and training partners to subscribe, like you, to Conflict Manager and read the excellent articles from contributors who have been there and got the t-shirt. When you are part of a growing movement that values truth not tribalism, that way sanity lies. To date we have had contributors from Nepal, Russia, Belgium, Australia, Canada, Finland, India, South Africa, Sweden the USA and UK. We welcome contributions from around this planet of ours so if you would like to contribute then please contact us.


Respect and regards, Garry Smith & Jayne Wharf.

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