Book Review – ‘And The Knife Went In. A Prison Doctor on Britain’s Dark Side’ by Theodore Dalrymple.

Another excellent collection of essays on murderers and their excuses. Dalrymple lays out as plain as a pikestaff how these people think and act. His insight as a prison psychiatrist for decades is an insightinto the minds of the murderers and how often they see themselves as the victim in their sorry story. To say he has heard every excuse in the book (pun intended) is probably only a slight exaggeration, but he has certainly heard most. Every chapter is an interesting read on its own and together they make an excellent read, the description of the judicialsystem, including the cross examination of witnesses, and his descriptions of life in British prisons is also eye opening. This, despite its sombre topic, is, as usual from this author, a humorous and chuckle inducing experience, his style of writing carries the reader through the book and is packed with interesting observations and references. Highly recommended.

Review by Garry Smith.

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