The following are some of the guest contributors to Conflict Manager along with a brief bio and website link.

Dave Ashworth

Tristan Chermack

Vivek Patel

Tony Sumers

Tony Preston

Robert Frankovich


Mo Teague

Leigh Simms

Kevin O'Hagan

James Hall

Iain Abernathy

Geoff Thompson

Gabe Cohen

Erin Pizzey

Douglas Graham

Daz Norton

Dave Aiton

Dave Aiton is a serving Officer with HMF Army in his 28th year of service. He has an extensive background in coaching and conducts self-protection and judo classes alongside personal training.

Bob Davis


Anna Valdiserri

Andrew Holland

Andrew Hickey

Amanda Kruse

Adi Rhoades

Alain Burrese

What does "Alain Burrese Hapkido Journey" mean? It's the journey I've taken that has led to my teaching the Korean martial art of Hapkido as well as the safety and self-defense classes I teach.

Andrea Harkins

Andrea F. Harkins, is a published author, a life coach, a motivational and martial arts blogger and a public speaker. Andrea has studied and taught martial arts for twenty-six years. Her training evolved into her writing about martial arts experiences as they relate to life experiences.

Ashtad Rustomji

I’m a researcher and analyst in the field of study of violence, continuing to train in and research the subject further and constantly evolving and improving my training methods.

Avi Nardia

Avi Nardia is a a former hand-to-hand combat instructor for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Reserve, the Israeli counter-terrorism unit YAMAM and the Israeli Operational Police Academy. He teaches the martial art of Kapap, as well as Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Krav Maga.

Chris Roberts

At the helm of SAFE International™ is founder and CEO Christopher Roberts. Chris has positioned SAFE International™ since its formation 20 years ago, to its current position as Canada’s Leader in self-protection instruction.

Gershon Ben Keren

Gershon Ben Keren is a Krav Maga Instructor and a Personal Safety & Security Trainer/Consultant, with a mixed portfolio of clients in a wide variety of industry sectors. He is the Head Instructor at Krav Maga Yashir Boston.

Iain Abernethy

Iain Abernethy has been involved in the martial arts since childhood. He began his training in karate under Doug James 7th Dan; who was in turn a student of Toru Takamizawa. Iain gained his first black belt at the age of seventeen.

Jari Peuhkurinen

I have been training martial arts and self-defense since 1987. My main discipline at the beginning was ITF Taekwondo. In 1997 I participated in Krav Maga instructor course and changed my main focus of training to more reality based self-defense.

Jeffrey Johnson

I worked for 8 years with severely emotionally disturbed adolescents in a partial-hospitalization setting. I am trained in TCI-Therapeutic Crisis Intervention-and The Sanctuary Model of Trauma Informed Care, and applied those philosophies and techniques in my work regularly.

Jeff Burger

For over 30 years Jeff Burger has had a myriad of teaching experiences resulting in numerous National and World Champions in various Martial Arts.

Karl Thornton

Karl has extensive experience (over 30 years) across a broad range of martial arts and self defense disciplines including Karate, Kickboxing, Boxing, Gan Gan Tao, and Close Quarter Combat. He is qualified and licensed as a Bodyguard and is also qualified in Conflict Resolution, Crisis Negotiations, Defensive Tactics, CIT (Cash In Transit), Baton & Handcuffs, Firearms, as well as being one of MDTA’s Head Trainers in Protocol & Etiquette, Advanced Protective Formations, Advanced Bodyguard Techniques, and Covert Operations.

Lawrence Kane

Lawrence Kane is the author of Surviving Armed Assaults, Martial Arts Instruction, and Blinded by the Night, co-author (with Kris Wilder) of The Little Black Book of Violence, The Way to Black Belt, The Way of Kata, Dirty Ground, and How to Win a Fight, and co-author (with Rory Miller) of Scaling Force.

Mark Hatmaker

Mikhail Didenko

‘I always search for the ultimate truth, breaking the stereotypes – in martial arts and self-defense areas as well. We all possess the integrated Survival System, and my task is not to teach you, but to help you to remember it.

Peyton Quinn

“I had studied traditional Asian martial arts (karate & Judo) since I was about 14 years of age. Working as a bouncer changed my view of what true self defense training should involve.

Peter Consterdine

Peter is an 9th Dan Black Belt in Karate and a former Gt. Britain and England International, spending nearly 10 years as a regular squad member. However, with over 50 years of continuous martial arts training behind him, Peter has made a specific lifetime study of the role of the arts in self defence and personal security.

Paul McRedmond

Combat medic, librarian, college instructor, jail guard, cop. Mac graduated in 1980 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Independent Studies from Maharishi University of Management and has almost 50 years of training, teaching and experience in the areas of conflict management including criminal justice – corrections and enforcement, and martial arts.

Richard Dimitri

Richard Dimitri began his martial arts training in 1975. By the age of 21 he’d acquired instructor certifications and black belts in several forms of martial arts and hand to hand combat disciplines which lead him into various careers that spanned over 2 decades in the fields of private and personal security, bodyguard for high profile clients and doorman.

Ron Beer

Since 1978, Ron has owned and operated the Family Self Defense Centre in Markham, Ontario. As a coach, he has achieved a level one coaching certificate from Judo Ontario and level two from the Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association.

Schalk Holloway

I have been involved in many youth coaching and pastoral activities. I have about 15 years experience of purposefully of living, working and serving in tough South African communities.

Tim Boehlert

“I have been doing Hospital Campus security for 7 years. …I immediately undertook a journey into darkness. I call myself a Contact Professional, a term that I borrowed from a friend, known to many in the LEO community as Doc Rhino, the father of Verbal Judo.

Wim Demeere

Wim Demeere started working as a personal trainer in 1994 when this profession was still rare in his native country of Belgium. His passion for teaching and helping people improve the quality of their lives has made him a much sought after trainer both at home and across the globe.