Poll #4: Did the man in the brown sweatshirt act in self-defense?

Watch the video here.

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One thought on “Poll #4: Did the man in the brown sweatshirt act in self-defense?”

  1. IMO, no. He had the ability to retreat, yet chose not to. Maybe for good reason, maybe just to stand his ground. Was he justified in defending himself – yes, up to a point where he was being attacked. Group dynamics no doubt played a large part here -loss of face, his standing within the group, etc. but we also don’t see the initial assault(s). I think he’d have a tough legal time calling it self-defense though based on his ability to retreat and his own actions not to at least try. I guess it depends on the state’s laws. Did he do good? I think it could have gone very badly had the short guy fallen or been dropped and hit his head, and or not recovered. I didn’t count, and his hold may not have been textbook, but it sure felt like a lot longer than 7 seconds to me!

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