Youtube Video of the Week – Jordan Peterson on Nazism and Communism

After a week of more conflict it is interesting to reflect on what Nazism and Communism actually did, the millions killed, the misery and pain inflicted on billions.

Jordan Peterson describes his motivation to fight back against all forms of totalitarianism, this is for my friends in America in particular, if you want the whole book ‘Maps of Meaning’ is available from the link below.

Stay safe people, lose your strings, don’t lie to yourself and think freely.

Regards, Garry.

One thought on “Youtube Video of the Week – Jordan Peterson on Nazism and Communism”

  1. Great video and message. I always said that moral cowardice among people is humanity’s biggest enemy. People afraid to speak up against what they think is wrong due to political or social pressure. This is why people are so easily talked into goose stepping or complying with any authoritarian system. We all wonder why an intelligent and cultured people can be talked into participating in acts of violence/destruction. It is hard to think that it could happen but people can be easily persuaded to do so when starving or going through bad times. Violence is a human problem and not so much based on race, religion or ethnic differences to my opinion. This is why the individual has to learn to think for themselves rather than relying on some government or leader to do their thinking for them.

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