Anonymous Kunoichi

Anonymous Kunoichi as been a passionate writer since she was very young, when she lost herself in the stories of Narnia and Oz, as a way to escape the reality of life with an abusive parent.

At the age of 22, she entered a local dojo in a small New England town, seeking self defense lessons. Her life changed and with feet firmly placed on the path of martial arts, she has continuously searched out challenges that have encouraged her personal growth on all levels – emotionally, physically, and mentally. Fifteen years on the path, and still going strong. But she’ll be the first to admit, she’s fallen hard a few times.

When she’s not working, you’ll often find her running for hours on quiet country roads, devouring a good book, and perhaps surfing Foodgawker for new granola recipes.

Her happiest moments are in the dojo, training alongside friends who are family.
For evil has no place there.

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