Hock Hocheim – London and Dundalk

  1. Hock Hochheim Seminars; Hand, Stick, Knife, Gun, Police Judo

July 13, 14 London, England

Hosted by the London Metropolitan Police.

Special Counter-Terrorism / Ambush Concerns

Law Enforcement Only. Contact Hock to seek steps for LEO enrollment. HockHochheim@ForceNecessary.com

July 15, 16 Dundalk, Ireland

With very special guest, Jim McCann, trainer of boxing and MMA champs, himself one.

“This course is open to all ‘MARTIALISTS’ affiliated or not to The Dundalk Krav Maga School Of Self Defense. Get the UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to train with these two legends of unarmed and Armed training! Contact us here to secure your place or call us on 0851114604″ – Anthony Cunnane
or email – anthonycunnane@gmail.com

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