Masters of Mayhem – Clint Overland and Terry Trahan

Here it is, the event page for the very first MoM seminar with Clint Overland, Terry Trahan, and possibly some surprise guests. This will be unlike any other seminar you may have attended. Clint and Terry have over 60 years combined experience with violence and the weirder side of life. You will learn something, and laugh a lot.

There will be a cap of 30 participants for this seminar.

Update: Price for the seminar is as follows;
Pre-registration: $225.00 in full before 15th January 2018
After 15th January 2018; $275.00

For full price attendees, a $100.00 deposit is acceptable, with balance paid before the seminar. All payments can be sent to:

Accomodation: We have arranged a block of 15 discounted rooms at the hotel we are hosting the seminar at.

The MCM Elegant
801 AVE Q
Lubbock, TX 79401

Each room is Double Queen and the price is $102.83 includes tax.

On site there is a hot breakfast bar w/ made to order eggs and waffle station, bar and restaurant also on site. Free WiFi. Across the street there is a WalMart and other close by bars.

Inform the front desk you are with the Masters of Mayhem seminar when registering. Rooms will be held until 1st February 2018.

When We Were Warriors, Discovering the Samurai Spirit – Kevin O’Hagan

This new book from contributor Kevin O’Hagan is available via the CRGI Bookstore now.

‘Give me your money or I ll cut you’. I stared helplessly at the knife pressed to my belly. I was powerless to do anything and I hated myself for that. How I longed to have the courage and skills to fight this bully. This is the true story of Kevin O’Hagan told in his own words. A 7th Dan black belt in Combat Ju Jutsu. A man who has relentlessly dedicated 40 years of his life to the Martial Arts. He has trained, taught and fought to the top in his chosen field. He transformed himself from a small and insecure 14-year-old schoolboy born with a walking disability. A young man that lacked confidence and belief in himself, who feared and hated violence to one of today’s most respected Martial artists. A fanatical Martial Artist. An obsessive fitness junkie. A man who constantly challenged and punished himself through the tough Budo regimes of the fighting arts in his quest to become a true warrior and fight his fears. His story is bound to excite, inform, shock and inspire you. Share his highs and lows, his struggles and successes. Read about his battles to face and conquer his fears and his handicap. Find out about the immense struggles he faced in pursuing his dreams. Learn about his training, the old school regimes, the fights on the mats, in the cage and on the streets. Get a true insight into the characters and the tales from the mad, bad and crazy world of Martial Arts and its ever changing scene through 4 decades. This an insight into what makes a real warrior tick and how the lifestyle stretches well beyond the dojo or gym and becomes a code and blueprint for life in general. No punches are pulled in this candid and honest autiobiography. ‘The iron ore feels itself needlessly tortured as it goes through the furnace. The tempered blade looks back and knows better’.

New E-book by CM Contributor John Titchen

This book brings together over twenty carefully selected articles on the subjects of karate training and self defence written over a period of twelve years. Based on the study of the reactions of students to common forms of aggression and violence in high pressure scenario simulations, personal experience and the shared experiences of friends and professional colleagues, and years of research into violent crime, it examines subjects as diverse as knife defence training, the role of tradition in karate, building safe scenario training, personal kata training and ways to focus training towards self defence.

This is not a book written specifically for ‘instructors’, nor for ‘students’, rather it is designed to make the reader think about what they are training, how they are training it, and what they want to achieve from their training. The aim of the articles is to provide information suitable for everyone, regardless of style or grade.

“To say this book is a collection of articles written by John over a number of years is to do it an injustice. There are supposed, empirical works on Karate and self defence that are simply not in the same league as this work and most certainly not as thought provoking.

This is a book after my own heart and I thoroughly commend it to anyone who questions what their current karate training is geared towards, but also to those who don’t need convincing about the efficacy of their karate in dealing with real life violence but need a plan to affect change. This book will answer both question and need.

Peter Consterdine

Product of the Week? – Portable Quiet Punch

Home boxing fitness experience perfect for that quick burn. Challenge yourself in solo mode or the world all from the comfort of your home and with easy to follow live and on-demand routines.

  • Live Workouts offered daily free of charge.
  • Deep library of Quiet Punch workouts that are available on-demand 24/7.
  • iPhone and Android apps which offer the workouts readily available.
  • Quiet Punch Intensity Sensor which connects via Bluetooth to the app (iPhone only currently) and turns the Quiet Punch session into an interactive session with measurable goals. (Available on the Quiet Punch Plus edition)
  • Weighs less than 4lbs.
  • Easy to setup and take down.
  • Completely temporary and requires no permanent installation
  • Fits most standard sized doorways and some smaller hallways between the widths of 28″ – 36″.

OK that is the advertising blurb, better than nothing but I just wondered about one of these for on holidays? Anyone else have any thoughts?

Is there a piece of equipment you would recommend if so please tell us.


Portable Quiet Punch

The Working Woman’s Self-defense Express Course, eBook – Mirav Tarkka

In this succinct guide for women with little, if any, self-defense experience, dynamic trainer Mirav Tarkka, a former Sergeant in the Israeli Army, covers all the key points for survival in the concrete jungle, from mental attitudes to martial pressure points.

Israeli-born Mirav is a world-renowned self-defense expert, specializing in Krav Maga (Israeli Contact Combat).  With over seventeen years of  experience as a trainer, Mirav founded Defense Tactics™ (International Combat Training) and Recharge™ (Alternative Functional Fitness) and has now set a goal to inspire, train and help empower individuals and groups at all levels, focusing on the mindset and mental training (as well as the physical aspect) and creating  online courses especially for women all around the world, regardless of their physical abilities, age or culture.  

Mirav studied, trained and served with the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) at the Wingate Institute (Israel), then completed and instructed many international training courses.  She holds university degrees in Psychology and Criminology and a diploma in Physical Education.  With appearances on television, features in magazines and newspapers throughout Europe, Mirav is often invited to demonstrate her work at many international workshops and seminars covering self-defense related topics.

Recently Mirav became a mother of two and says:

“Having my daughters has emphasized even more, for me, how important my role in life is. I need to be able to protect them, at all times, I can’t trust anyone to do that ‘for me’. I need to be strong, extra-assertive, powerful, to be capable of defending them and myself, and to set an example of the independent women I want them both to be. The love of a mother for her children is the greatest force  that exists – that is my underlying drive and that will be what protects them, combined with my knowledge and experience. I would truly wish for all women in the world (and men) to realize their true power, whether they are mothers or not, their true responsibility to themselves and their loved ones, and to take full control of their lives. No one should have power over you.”

Hock Hocheim – London and Dundalk

  1. Hock Hochheim Seminars; Hand, Stick, Knife, Gun, Police Judo

July 13, 14 London, England

Hosted by the London Metropolitan Police.

Special Counter-Terrorism / Ambush Concerns

Law Enforcement Only. Contact Hock to seek steps for LEO enrollment.

July 15, 16 Dundalk, Ireland

With very special guest, Jim McCann, trainer of boxing and MMA champs, himself one.

“This course is open to all ‘MARTIALISTS’ affiliated or not to The Dundalk Krav Maga School Of Self Defense. Get the UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to train with these two legends of unarmed and Armed training! Contact us here to secure your place or call us on 0851114604″ – Anthony Cunnane
or email –

Rory Miller @ KPCombat – May 20th and 21st 2017

Hey Everyone! Rory is back in Edmonton in May!

Make sure you get your chance to train with this highly sought after expert, before he retires.

If you don’t know who Rory is
He is the author of Meditations on Violence and Facing violence.
He is a world renowned expert in self defense and has taught in far too many places to list here.

Make sure you reserve your spot early as this will sell out!

Rory Miller – Ambushes and Thugs Seminar



This is to announce that registration for the 2017 Rory Miller program AMBUSHES AND THUGS.  Please check the registration policy below for important information.

 The program is scheduled for Saturday/Sunday 8-9 July 2017 and will be held at Idaho Martial Arts in Eagle Idaho. 

Cost for this program is $100 for Saturday only or $175 for both Saturday and Sunday.   There will be no refunds after June 7, 2017.  Space is limited.


There are a limited number of spots available for this program and it is being offered on a first come first served basis.  You do not need to be a student of martial arts to benefit from this program.  Mr. Miller has agreed to open the program to youths aged 14-17 with a parent or guardian signed up to take the program. The youth must be a student in a martial arts program.  Below is a link to Rory Miller introducing himself and discussing his teaching philosophies.

Learn more about Rory Miller:

The AMBUSHES AND THUGS program will include the following information: 

Day 1

  • Context of Violence, Self Defense Law (US only), Violence Dynamics (Lectures)
  • Power Generation
  • Counter Ambush
  • Fighting To The Goal
  • Day 2
  • Ground and Wall Movement
  • Dynamic Fighting
  • Ethics and Application of Pain
  • Environmental Fighting
  • Plastic Mind Exercises (If time allows)

We are looking forward to having Rory Miller come to our area again to presents his training…it is always great to have a world class instructor come share their knowledge with us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Joe Toluse and Eva Steinwald

Idaho Martial Arts