Podcast of the Month from Primal Radio

As editor I have to admit I really enjoy anything by Nick Hughes. His experience and credentials are extraordinary and he is humorous and entertaining whilst making many a good point about the SD industry. Here is a link to a well worth listening to podcast courtesy of Primal Radio, of which I am now a HUGE fan.

Please enjoy as none other than Jim McCann interviews Nick Hughes CPP of Lake Norman Krav Maga.

Nick is a former commando with the French Foreign Legion who worked extensively throughout the world as a body guard. His clients have included members of the Saudi Royal Family, VIPs, celebrities, rock stars and executives. Author of “how to be your own body guard”. Holder of blackbelts in 3 styles of karate, as well as Judo, Ju-jutsu and Aikido. He also holds rank in Filipino martial arts, has boxed professionally and has taught unarmed combat to various military units as well as dignitary protection to SWAT units.

https://podcast.app/nick-hughes-former-legionnaire-body-guard-owner-of-lake-norman-krav-maga-e36912759/?share=iosClick here for podcast link

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