Why Doesn’t the Kick to the Groin Always Work? – Mirav Tarkka

You know the scene…

Girl walking down the street, a bad guy or more try to grab her, she has her high heels on, a mini skirt and no self-defense knowledge whatsoever, but she manages with a knee or kick in the groin to get him or all of them down on their knees begging for mercy.

While this scenario may work in a Hollywood blockbuster, reality is not exactly like that.

Although most people believe that a kick to the groin is enough to “do the job,” that’s not actually the case. While a man’s testicles might be the most important part of his body as they contain the “jewels of the family,” they are definitely not the most fragile. Made of spongy material, the testicles typically absorb the shock without much damage, and Mother Nature was smarter than that and covered the testicles with layers of tough material protecting the tissue inside.

Although it depends on the surface and tools used against the testicles—for example, a metal nail vs. a leather shoe—to crush a testicle you need to apply a force of 110 pounds (50 kg) per 1 square centimeter (advantages to all “big balls” out there 😀 )! By comparison, it is much easier and more effective to tear off an ear, for example, where you need only 8 pounds (4 kg)!

While a “crushed testicle” will create some pain and a bit of distraction, assuming that you did it right, , a torn ear will cause disorientation, loss of blood, probably loss of consciousness, and a huge mental shock.

Some guys reading this article will be cringing at the thought of being kicked in the testicles—if not already vomiting at my vivid descriptions J—because for a “normal” person a kick to the groin causes a lot of pain, but are all men “normal” in this sense? What are the reasons that a man may not feel that much pain or may even feel pleasure when kicked in the groin?

(To make things easier to understand and imagine, we will call the guy who is potentially kicked in the groin, Mr. Bad. J)

  1. Bad wasn’t just standing there waiting for you to kick him in the groin, he wasn’t in a “gym position”; he might have closed his legs, turned sideways, or maybe is simply too tall
  2. Bad is wearing baggy pants or strong jeans and your kick didn’t reach the right spot.
  3. Bad is wearing a good groin guard—some aggressors come to fight totally prepared!
  4. Bad is an MMA fighter and uses the “bending down” instinct to grab your legs, throw you on the ground, restrain you and whatever else he feels like doing.
  5. Bad has been training for a long time and now has “testicles immunity”—there are actually quite a few men like this!—so doesn’t feel as much pain as a “normal guy” would. I have interviewed a guy who gets kicked in his groin thousands of times full force as part of his job! He is an actor in a show that includes such scenes. Although his testicles are full of scar tissues and he can’t get an erection easily, he doesn’t feel almost any pain when kicked and actually makes money out of it! And yes, he can still have children.
  6. Bad is under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or both and feels no pain, plus is “powered” by the chemicals and by adrenalin. This is VERY COMMON these days.
  7. You haven’t kicked correctly or strongly enough. For example, kicking front to back—aka “jingle bells”—creates almost no damage. Squeezing is actually pleasurable to a surprising number of men. The testicles should be hit in a certain direction to cause debilitating pain, namely upwards in order to push the testicles against the pelvic bone. This way it can cause a TESTICULAR RUPTURE and is much more serious damage than just “blue balls.” It will take surgery to repair the damage, and Mr. Bad will have learnt his lesson!
  8. Bad actually likes it J I have interviewed a guy who admitted proudly that he gets sexually aroused when hit in the testicles, especially with heels. And he is not the only one!

To sum up, my advice is as follows:

  1. Don’t focus your strategy on the kick to the groin. Focus on the face! Much more fragile, efficient, reachable in most situations, and less complicated.

Watch the video clip about 4 factors you should focus on when attacking (link below)

  1. If you kick to the groin, kick correctly. Flex your foot, kick with your shin from bottom to up (towards the pelvic bone)

Watch my video about how to train groin kicks (coming up soon) and why doesn’t the groin kick always work (link below)

Keep safe, smart and strong,



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  1. I think it is great to see that Mirav is outlining other possible outcomes from a kick to the groin other than the assailant becoming immediately incapacitated.

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