Youtube Video of the Month – Non-Verbal Communication

Silence is golden, Speech is Silver. Leyla Tacconi sets out to express the wonderful ways of communication without the influence of verbal speech. From gestures to posture, Tacconi illustrates that we are capable of communicating with any part of our body and we can easily live in the world without voice.

Leyla Tacconi thrives with the ability to communicate her ideas through creative media, such as music and art. Having initially viewed silence as a boundary to communication, her love for the arts and Italian origin have evoked a new view towards non-verbal communication. Tacconi believes that if we use a little less sound and leave it all to nature and expression, we might make the world a better place.

A conductor doesn’t speak to his orchestra; he uses body language in an extreme manner to ensure that the strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion and keyboards understand when and how they have to play. Therefore, non-verbal communication is useful in these things, as it allows people to get in touch with one another and to understand the piece, speech and music more deeply. The ways of communicating are vital in the world and Tacconi is keen to raise awareness of this to those around her.

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