When We Were Warriors, Discovering the Samurai Spirit – Kevin O’Hagan

This new book from contributor Kevin O’Hagan is available via the CRGI Bookstore now.

‘Give me your money or I ll cut you’. I stared helplessly at the knife pressed to my belly. I was powerless to do anything and I hated myself for that. How I longed to have the courage and skills to fight this bully. This is the true story of Kevin O’Hagan told in his own words. A 7th Dan black belt in Combat Ju Jutsu. A man who has relentlessly dedicated 40 years of his life to the Martial Arts. He has trained, taught and fought to the top in his chosen field. He transformed himself from a small and insecure 14-year-old schoolboy born with a walking disability. A young man that lacked confidence and belief in himself, who feared and hated violence to one of today’s most respected Martial artists. A fanatical Martial Artist. An obsessive fitness junkie. A man who constantly challenged and punished himself through the tough Budo regimes of the fighting arts in his quest to become a true warrior and fight his fears. His story is bound to excite, inform, shock and inspire you. Share his highs and lows, his struggles and successes. Read about his battles to face and conquer his fears and his handicap. Find out about the immense struggles he faced in pursuing his dreams. Learn about his training, the old school regimes, the fights on the mats, in the cage and on the streets. Get a true insight into the characters and the tales from the mad, bad and crazy world of Martial Arts and its ever changing scene through 4 decades. This an insight into what makes a real warrior tick and how the lifestyle stretches well beyond the dojo or gym and becomes a code and blueprint for life in general. No punches are pulled in this candid and honest autiobiography. ‘The iron ore feels itself needlessly tortured as it goes through the furnace. The tempered blade looks back and knows better’.

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