Interview with Ed Calderon, Part II – Terry Trahan

TT: What would you say is the main thing you want people to learn or realize through your teaching and writing?

That they are all capable of protecting themselves and others and that the more they educate themselves the more dangerous they become. It’s all about being a dangerous person for me. A creative individual. Thinking outside the box ….a criminal of purpose.


TT: What are the most important things you think people should learn in order to keep themselves safe?

I’d say emergency medical management is the best start to anything. Firearms, combatives, urban survival etc.. All of these need a base in this specific skill set. Start here.


TT: It seems a lot of people get hung up on having the best or most popular gear and equipment. What are your general thoughts on EDC, and is there anything specific you think should be a part of a person’s EDC?

I keep things simple and on hand.

-Bic lighter.

-Counter Custody tools spread out on my person.

-A redundancy element escapology tool bundle.

-A dedicated offensive knife ( a Guadaña Knife by Tracker Dan at the moment) and a non magnetic last ditch option ( a carbon fiber punch dagger at the moment)

-Small Multi-tool.

-LED light.



-A blow out kit in my backpack. ( this should be mandatory for everyone)


TT: Concerning EDC, you recently designed a knife with Tracker Dan. Can you give us an insight on the design, and why it took the form it did?

It came from conversations between us about preference. I like small Knives.. Very small. I am not at all dueling anyone so I prefer to keep things small and concealable, even when in hand.

The geometry of it is meant for stabbing, hooking and ripping. It’s meant for Pkal or scythe grip and is actually inspired by cock Fighting spurs and small bird beak fruit Knives.

It’s a very urban blade. It’s handle design comes directly form Tracker Dan, it’s a modified version of the one he has used on the Bloodshark knife for years. It’s a very useful design.
TT: I know there has been some controversy regarding some of the material you teach, especially the counter custody and anti-body armor elements. Can you explain why these are important in your teaching, and the environment you operate in?

Basically this material was formulated in a place where even the police abduct people off the street and ask for ransoms or work for the cartels directly. So there is a lot of counter police material in there. Sad part of life here. This is off course alarming to a US audience.

Body armor is common down here as well. Criminals use it all the time. So we developed ways of countering it that again … Are alarming to a Western audience. But it’s just a product of its environment.


TT: What is coming up in the future for you?

Going to be doing more seminars stateside, Asia and in Europe are also in my sights.


TT: If people want to learn more of your method/ideas, where can they look you up?





Triple Aught Design CORE:
(for San Francisco BlackBox Dates)

SerePick made BlackBox Counter Custody Tool’s made to BlackBox specifications:


TT: Thanks for taking the time for this interview, are there any final thoughts you’d like to bring up?

Yes. Never let anyone dictate what works. Try it out yourself. Free thinkers are the most dangerous people on the planet. Stay dangerous.


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