Road Talk: Season 2 – Varg Freeborn

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Episode 1 – Mission Parameters
Mission parameters are the internal boundaries we set for our mission that define how far we are willing to go and what we are willing to go there for. Many mistakes in violence that end in death or prison are rooted in poorly defined parameters.

Episode 2 – Self-defense May Not Be What You Think
The importance of understanding what self defense is, and isn’t.

Episode 3 – Instructors and Students
A rant about the role of instructors and students. More cooperation and less competition among instructors. Students, branch out and get a variety of training. Lower level instructors get your head out of your ass and get out and learn something so you can quit teaching garbage to unsuspecting students.

Episode 4 – Confidence vs. Fantasy
Hypothesis, Theory or Fact. How realistic are your beliefs about your fighting skills?

Episode 5 – Situational Awareness
A different view on situational awareness and learning how to relax by having a good threat assessment system.

Episode 6 – Knife As a Self-defense Weapon
My thoughts on why using a knife as a “self-defense” weapon is a setup for failure on many levels.

Episode 7 – Fallacies of Judged By Tweleve – Part I
Thoughts on the fallacies of saying “I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6”.

Episode 8 – Judged by 12 – How Not to Think About it – Part II
Ways to NOT say “I’d Rather be Judged by 12…” and other ways to stay out of jail (and the ground).

Season 2 – All Episodes 1 – 8

Listen to all the episodes at one time (70 minutes total)

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