Darren Friesen

Darren Friesen is a Canadian who runs a counter-violence and self-protection group under the title of Civilian Preservation Technologies, or CivTech, in Costa Rica. He has instructor credentials in 2 styles of Filipino martial arts (Burokil Alambra Arnis de Mano and Terra Firma FMA Concepts), shootwrestling and qi gong, is the Costa Rica representative for the grassroots organization Stay Bladed, and Argentinean Esgrima Criolla and has experience in fencing, boxing and Western Historical Martial Arts. He has been teaching and training for over 20 years and is also a professional coach in advanced communication/neurolinguistics.

He trains people in modern weapons instruction including the tactical folder, fixed blade, impact weapons, cane, machete, pocket stick and improvised weapons. He is not military, law enforcement or security (though has a lot of experience teaching all of them) but a civilian specializing in teaching civilians personal preservation skills and conflict management in and for the modern world, including spatial awareness, situational/environmental awareness, body language, car safety/defensive driving, communication and close-quarters combat. A perpetual student and work-forever-in-progress, his programs are constantly evolving to fit with modern concepts and changing criminal tactics.


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